For the entrant


  We invite you to study at Lviv Institute of Economy and Tourism.

Our institute is the only relevant public higher educational institution in the Western region that provides training for the tourism industry specialists.

The Institute created the proper conditions for theoretical and practical training which is provided by highly qualified schientific and pedagogical workers, computerized classrooms and laboratories, Internet cafe of advanced study of foreign languages, sports sections, training and production subdivisions, tourist information center, youth hotel (hostel), dormitories. The innovative pedagogical technologies oriented to providing of labor market demands on the enterprises and organizations of hotel restaurant and tourist industry are introduced in the organization of educational process.

The Institute conducts educational activity according to the Licence of the Ministry of Education and Science in Ukraine series AD № 566007 from August 01 of 2011 according to the following directions of training, specialties and specializations:

Field of knowledge

Training direction


1401 Sphere of service

6.140101 Hotel and catering business

7.14010101 Hotel and catering business

6.140103 Tourism

7.14010301 Tourism Study Service

0305 Economics and enterprise

6.030503 International economics

7.03050301 International Economics (specialization «International tourism»)

6.030509  Accounting and audit

7.03050901 Accounting and audit (specialization «Accounting and Finances in hotel, restaurant and tourism business»)

6.030510  Commodity science and commercial activity

7. 03051001 Commodity science and commercial activity (specialization «Commodity systems management and merchandising»)

7. 03051002 Commodity science and customs examination

0306 Management and administration

6.030601 Management

7.03060101 Management of organizations (specializations «Management of hotel business and tourism», «Management of hotel and restaurant business»)

0517 Food industry and processing of agricultural products

6.051701 Food industry technologies and engineering

7. 05170112 Technologies of catering (specialization «Technology of healthy and prophylactic nutrition»)