Faculties and departments

European experience shows that the best preparation is provided by highly specialized educational establishments which choose a small segment of the market and prepare specialists for it. This idea is repeatedly referred to in the educational and scientific process of the Lviv Institute of Economics and Tourism. There are three departments in the Institute:

Department of Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Business;

Faculty of Management, Commodity and Commercial activity;

Accounting and Economics Faculty.

Institute trains students in such specialties as "Tourism studies" "Hotel and restaurant business," "Food Technology" (specialization "Technology of healthy and preventive nutrition"), "Management and Administration" (specialization "Management of the hotel business and tourism", "Management of the hotel and restaurant business"), "Commodity and commercial activity", "Commodity and expertise in customs" (specialization "Management of the commodity systems and merchandising"), "Accounting and auditing", "International economics", creating a closed circuit of supplying the tourism industry with personnel.